How We Can Push Forward Together

"We are living in a very divisive world. Instead of loving and accepting our neighbors, it has become common to point fingers and pick a side. All too often people are working to explain their pain, but the details fall upon deaf ears. Yet, there is hope. I believe that there is always hope. We came into this profession because we care about people and want to support them in getting better. We must understand that our work has an impact on those we serve directly and the greater community indirectly. Our service matters and we must be willing to provide the attention and care needed to make a positive difference and push forward. That involves working on our own hearts, being willing to hear the hearts and stories of others and holding space for those that need support in working through racial heartache and trauma. Now is not the time to continue to sow seeds of division or gloat if you feel like you have the advantage. It is time to work, accept differences and build upon commonalities. This isn’t the time to relax, but to keep moving forward with momentum. The only way to go is with growth. Let’s all go together and push forward." - LaToya Smith