We can’t wait for you to join us for Level Up Week!

Sept. 12-15, 2022, Practice of the Practice will be hosting a variety of webinars, events, and ways for you to level up in your private practice. Whether you are just getting started, adding a clinician for the first time, or growing your group practice, we have something for you! We will be giving you step-by-step instructions on what to do at every phase of practice, interviews with top leaders, and prizes.

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Your First Year

of Private Practice

12 SEPT. @11AM EST

So you want to start a private practice, but you don’t know where to start? It can be SO confusing, should I take insurance? Should I rent a space? Do I need a LLC? How do I market? Join new and current practice owners to learn together about what works in the first year of private practice. Learn step-by-step exactly where to spend your time, what to think about, and steps you MUST take. 


Private Practice


12 SEPT. @2:30PM EST

Are you in private practice? Join us for the Private Practice Q&A, where Joe Sanok will lead an in-depth discussion on how to get to the next level. Ask questions, make plans, and examine what you’re doing and how to improve.

Using Instagram Reels

to Level Up

13 SEPT. @10AM EST

Level Up


13 SEPT. @11AM EST

Are you thinking you might be ready to level up, but you’re not sure how? Maybe you’re starting a solo practice, ready to hire your first clinician, or growing a group practice. Maybe you’re even ready to explore podcasting, ecourses, or public speaking. In this webinar, we’ll be showing you exactly how decide where to level up, how, and actions over the next 6-12 months. 

Private Practice


13 SEPT. @2:30PM EST

Are you in private practice? Join us for the Private Practice Q&A, where Joe Sanok will lead an in-depth discussion on how to get to the next level. Ask questions, make plans, and examine what you’re doing and how to improve.

How to Level Up Your Private Practice


What are the steps at each phase of practice to level up? We’ll be exploring mindsets, planning, goal setting, and how to best align your actions with your goals to get you to the next level. If you’re ready to push hard at the end of 2022 and into 2023, this is your webinar! 

Killin'It Camp


14 SEPT. @11AM EST

Ready to connect with other practice owners who are killing it in private practice? This year, we’re hosting Killin’It Camp in Cancun, Mexico, and we want you there! Meet others going, learn about the event, and decide if it’s a fit for you. Join us for THE private practice conference.

Moving From Solo to Group Practice


Are you thinking about adding your first clinician? If so, don’t miss this webinar! It’s all about how to know when to add a clinicians, important questions to ask, and who you need on that team. There’s no need to spend time spinning your wheels, come learn from practitioners that have done it!

How To Get a Book Deal with Nancy Hancock and Joe Sanok

14 SEPT. @2:15PM EST

Is getting a traditionally published book deal on your bucket list? It might not be as far away as you think. Joe Sanok and Nancy Hancock Writing will be discussing what publishers look for, the structure of a good proposal, and how to make your idea come to life. You are not going to want to miss this webinar.

Level Up Your

Practice Q&A

15 SEPT. @11:15AM EST

Still unsure of how to level up? With so many options, maybe you need some hand-holding to decide where to spend your time, money, and energy - join us for this Q&A. We’ll walk through how to decide where your time is best spent, ways to build energy in your practice, and how to get the best ROI on your money. We’ll walk you through ways to think about investing in yourself, without being 'salesy' at all - just a Q&A to help you get to the next level!

Additional Streams

of Income


Have you ever thought, “I have great skills, but only people in my practice see them”? The world needs you! Whether you’re amazing at treating trauma, divorce, helping kids, or just being a really kind person, your skills can go well beyond the practice. Also, people and companies will pay big money for these types of services. Join us for a webinar all about what types of passive income are out there, how to decide what you want to try, and how to start building an audience today.


Next Level Practice

Are you in the process of starting a practice but battling with the business aspect of it all? Then NLP is for you.

Here our private practice consultants offer their on-going support, where you’ll have access to hundreds (literally) of trainings, LIVE calls with experts, a robust resource library, and an exclusive online community where you can hold each other accountable, bounce off ideas and have an ear and eye to share things with on the days when things get overwhelming. Dive into topics that cover everything from identifying and attracting your ideal clients, through to saving money. Our consultants and industry experts share their tried-and-tested tips so that you can help more people in your community and build a name for yourself. After all, referrals and word-of-mouth marketing are always the gold standard when it comes to gauging the success of your practice – and success is what we help you get!

Group Practice Launch

Do you want to start a group private practice but feel like you’re lacking an MBA or business know-how? GPL is for you.

So you’ve aced the solo private practice venture now it’s time to spread your business wings and turn it into a group practice – but wait, what has worked for solo won’t necessarily work for group, and now you’re suddenly having to consider employment contracts, and operational systems that can be scaled. And let’s also quickly talk about that intrusive thought that has you thinking that no one cares about your practice as much as you do so how can you possibly be expected to stop micromanaging and doing quality control? Breathe. Introducing our 6-month intensive online community. We take you through every step needed to start a group practice. By the end, you will have established a solid foundation for your growing business, as well as hired at least one clinician, and you’ll have access to tons of resources and recordings that you can refer back to whenever you need.

Group Practice Boss

Are you wanting to scale your group private practice but are overwhelmed by everything it would – and could – entail? GPB is for you.

This course takes you from dreaming to actually being a group practice boss who runs a successful business, yet still manages to do the things they love with the ones they love. Think about it, we’re often telling our clients to strike a balance between work and life. Yet when it comes to being a group practice boss this ‘divide’ can become blurred in favor of more work – thanks to the responsibilities of being a boss. In GPB our private practice consultants take you through everything from managing people, creating a positive workplace culture, increasing client retention, money management, hiring, marketing and branding, office space, and much more. Yet you’re not expected to take lots of notes and remember everything we cover. We have a dedicated resource library as well as recordings, live webinars, and discounted rates with our in-house graphic designer.

Audience Building Academy

Are you wanting to set up additional streams of income outside of your practice, but you're not sure where to begin? ABA is for you.

Sign up for the September 2022 cohort of Audience Building Academy (only $595/m), which includes:

  • 12 live teachings, Q&A, and small groups to help you grow an audience
  • Access to our 12-part Audience Building Academy video series
  • Clear monthly milestones for you to grow your niche, build your audience, and be positioned to launch your first product

Payable in two payments and then you'll be added to our membership community for only $197/m.